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Booklet Printing: Consider 10 things to print a stunning booklet

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Have you finished writing for your book? Are you looking to print your book using custom booklet printing? We can understand that booklet printing services can be intimidating and confusing. But, you can always customise the booklet size, cover, paper, artwork Etc, as per your desire.

Whether you’re printing 10 or 10,000 copies, everyone is looking for cost-effective methods to print their booklets. Brisbane print hub offers booklet printing service in Brisbane with short print runs using the latest technologies to print vibrant and accurate colours.

Create a crafty brochure, shiny magazines, catalogues, annual reports, or books with booklet printing services.

Top 10 things to consider for booklet printing to help you save money and maintain top-notch quality and design

Choose the correct type of binding

Custom booklet printing are bound publications that are thinner than standard book size. Saddle stitching is the best option for your booklet below 8-40 pages.

If you are looking for booklet printing in Brisbane, we suggest binding according to your pages written. Perfect binding is ideal if you have more than 20-240 pages, which is a neat binding where the spine is held together with an adhesive paper cover.

Leave margin for the binding

Remember some old books where the text lies between the book’s spine, making it hard to read? Our booklet printing service in Brisbane creates artwork for a bound document and leaves enough binding margin. So that readers can read your booklet easily without hassle.

Our printing services in Brisbane ensure your perfect-bound document’s texts are aligned correctly, and text on the inside edges aren’t closed due to glue binding, making it easy to read.

Organize your information

Make sure your booklet or brochures contains catchy headings that spark curiosity. If you plan and organise the content you portray, the service of booklet printing in Brisbane can create an effective booklet presentation.

Our Printing company offers booklet printing services in Australia; don’t use too many flowery words that readers may skip reading your booklet. And make sure you add all the essential contact information.

Don’t forget the front cover artwork

As the famous phrase indicates, “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. But the cover invites more eyeballs by creating the best artwork and designs for your booklet, which are crucial elements to success.

If you are looking for booklet printing in Australia, We at Brisbane print hub provide full-colour printing using bright, appealing images to draw the reader’s interest and make your cover stand out from the crowd.

Use High-resolution images

Use stock images or premium images that are vibrant and high resolution with eye-catching designs, which keeps the readers interesting to read your booklet or brochure.

Our printing services in Brisbane, don’t make the mistake of using low-resolution images from your website for brochures and catalogues, which are going to diminish the value of your products.

Customised booklets for brand awareness

Choose the orientation that suits your layouts

Our booklet printing services often design the orientation of your images based on the content written. You can choose landscape or portrait images for your catalogue, which narrates your story through images according to your page layout.

Our booklet printing services make sure your booklet artwork is more comprehensive with a high-resolution image and choose landscape orientation when printing.

Choose the right paper weight for internal pages

If you are looking for booklet printing in Brisbane, we offer a wide range of paperweights for your booklet or brochure. Make sure to select the perfect or heavier stock that gives a luxurious look.

If you use too many thick paper pages, the document may spring open. If your brochure or booklet contains more than 28 pages, go for 120gsm to 150gsm for a perfect well-stiched booklet.

Get the paper finish precisely on your inner pages

If you want to stand out from your competitors, our booklet printing service in Brisbane creates eye-catching details that make readers interested and promote your book by referring to friends.

Choose the best paper finish with glossy or matt with additional vibrant images. Go for uncoated paper or unique papers for informational or text-heavy pieces. If you want the inner papes of your booklet to be extra durable, select page lamination.

Choose the most suitable paper & finish for your cover

If you are looking for booklet printing in Brisbane, we help you with the front and back cover that can differentiate between discarded or picked up. Choose a heavier paper for your artwork cover to make your booklet more durable and rigid.

Choosing a custom booklet printing service, you can select a high gloss finish for various books, catalogues, or magazine printing for cover artwork that stands out from the crowd. If you pick a more low-key, contemporary look for your booklets, go for matt lamination.

Number of pages

Count the front cover as page 1, the inside left cover as page 2, and so on. To count booklet pages, you need to remember to include the front and back covers & outside and inside covers. If choosing a saddle-stitched booklet, make sure the total amount of pages in your booklet is a multiple of four.

Standard definition for a saddle-stitched booklet is a folded piece with one or more sheets that consist of four pages each. If you produce a booklet with two-sided prints, the total page count would be 16. If choosing a perfect-bound booklet, make sure the total amount of pages in your booklet is a multiple of two.

Here at Brisbane Print Hub, we create the most refined custom booklet printing service and ensure that you get top-notch quality for your dollar that help you through the entire production process. Contact our friendly team to answer your queries on saving money and which binding and printing suits your print project.