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Stock Weights & Types

Paper Weights and Thickness

Paper and Card stocks are defined by their ‘gsm’ (grams per square meter). Lighter weight stocks are 80-150gsm with heavier stocks running from 170gsm up to the card weight stocks at 300-450gsm. GSM is not exactly the same as sheet thickness (which is measured in microns) but is a pretty good gauge to go by. Two sheets of paper with the same gsm will be different thicknesses when one is coated stock and one is uncoated. Uncoated stocks are thinner as they lack the silk layers of coated stocks. A celloglaze finish will also add extra weight and thickness to printed products, so keep this in mind when ordering. If you have any doubt, call our friendly team today who are ready to answer all your printing and product specification questions.”

Stock Types and Weights

Laser 80-120gsm

Laser is an uncoated stock. It has a matte appearance, and can easily be written on with a pen or pencil. It is specially designed to go through an office or desktop printer.

Ecostar Uncoated 100% Recycled 100-350gsm

Bright white in colour. This is an 100% recycled Australia made product. With a premium uncoated finish (a matte look & texture). This stock is easy to write or draw on due to the uncoated surface.

Silk 115-450gsm

Bright white in colour and coated both sides for a smooth low shine finish. These stocks have excellent reproduction for full colour images and photos. Silk paper and card stocks are more resistant to environmental factors such as dirt, moisture and wear.

Knight Premium Smooth 120gsm or 325gsm

This is one of our specialty stocks and is perfect for invitations and other products for special occasions. Ideal for business cards and stationery when you want to convey a high-end feel.

Kraft Board 290gsm

This card stock is on the lightweight side for cards. It is a pale brown kraft paper colour with visible pulp texture, all with a smooth finish.

Synthetic Poster 230gsm

This stock is perfect for printing graphics and text alike. A mid-to-heavy weight stock, it is ideal for mounting on walls, poles, community message boards and more. Colours are printed with high fidelity and the silk sheen gives a professional finish to your posters.

Stock Weight Range


Standard office photocopier & printer paper. Designed specifically for letterheads, with compliment slips, black and white documents, and notepads. It can be run through a standard office or home printer.


This is the lightest weight typical paper stock. It is economical and perfect for flyers and leaflets and other promotional material such as letterbox drops. Also suited for use in brochures, booklets, and magazines.


A slightly heavier and more durable option, this stock is ideal for flyers, brochures, menus, and small to medium posters. Often used for premium books, booklets, and magazines. Can also be used as a soft-cover enclosing lighter weight stocks.


This is the heaviest stock that is still more paper than card. This stock makes high quality flyers, brochures, posters and high end magazines, booklets, and other publications.


This is the lightest card stock weight. Often used for certificates, premium flyers, brochures, posters, and marketing materials. This weight is also often used for the covers of books, brochures, magazines, and other publications.


A heavier board that is often laminated and is ideal for menus, business cards, greeting cards, and postcards. Also commonly used for the covers of high end premium booklets, magazines, and other publications.


A heavy, premium stock weight. Typically used with our specialty business cards, greeting cards, and presentation folders. Often laminated for a premium feel and more durable finish.


Our strongest and heaviest stock weight. Exclusively used for our specialty business cards. This stock always comes with a soft velvet laminate on both sides that provides a luxurious finish.