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Post Card Printing - Perfect Marketing Tool

Postcard Printing is the Perfect Marketing Tool in the Digital Era – Learn Why

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Remember receiving a postcard from a friend or a relative traveling in a distant country? The postcard would have a mesmerizing photo of a famous site in the country along with a few words from the sender. It would make you dream of visiting that place someday. This was one of the early uses of postcards as a marketing tool for tourism. Then came e-mail, social media platforms, etc. which became the more popular tools for marketing. When it came to postcard printing, Brisbane saw continued activity on the sidelines but in recent years there has been a realization of the high efficacy of this older form of communication. What makes custom card printing for promotion relevant in this digital age? Read on to find out.

Why Should Custom Card Printing be used for Marketing?

A postcard is a piece of thick paper, usually rectangular, used for writing concise messages and mailing without an envelope. You may wonder why, in this age of laptops and smartphones, you should use this piece of paper for the promotion of your business. Here are a few powerful reasons.

Instant Access

A postcard gives you instant access to your customer. They don’t have to open an envelope, click on a link, or unfold a brochure. So, postcards at a first glance get an almost 100% open rate! A study has shown that only around 57% open direct mail. Postcards are viewed with much less suspicion than e-mails as there is no fear of viruses or exposure to hackers. This is why marketing through postcards should not be ignored.

Multichannel Marketing

But does this mean that you should use only postcards for marketing? Definitely, not. Custom card printing can beautifully complement digital forms of marketing. This is why multichannel marketing is being adopted by more businesses. It catches your customers wherever they may be – offline or online. You can use postcards to drive your customers to your offline store, your website or app, and to engage with your brand.

Measurable Results

You can calculate the ROI from this channel of marketing by tracking the performance of your postcard campaign. You can do this using specific promo codes, QR codes, dedicated numbers, or even personalized URLs.


Advancement in printing technology now allows amazing customization in card printing services too. With the help of variable data printing, you can personalize the text and image on the postcards. This targeted campaign helps improve its performance significantly.


The best part is that you don’t have to have deep pockets to use custom card printing for marketing your brand. It’s a cost-effective method with a quick turnaround time. So, you save not only money but also time.

Old-World Charm

In this age when digital is the norm, the unique postcards can help you break the clutter. There is a certain charm in receiving a tactile form of communication. A well-designed, customized postcard can even become a keepsake!

Custom Card Printing

How to Make Postcard Printing the Perfect Marketing Tool for your Business

For postcard printing, Brisbane has several vendors that can do the job. But to make custom card printing work as a marketing tool, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Stick to one Direct Message

Avoid cluttering the postcard. Concise communication of one message will help to pique and retain your customer’s attention. So, whether your postcard is for inviting your customers to the opening of a new store or offering them a seasonal discount or thanking them for their business with a special offer, choose one idea and stick to it.

Use a Powerful Image

Postcards are directly associated with images. Use this association and drive home your message using a powerful, eye-catching image. Remember, the customer will first see the image and then decide if they want to read the message.

Highlight the Call-to-Action

In your message to your customer, make the call to action prominent. This will significantly improve the response rate to your postcard campaign. Use short, impactful calls like “Avail your discount now”, “Visit our store to collect your free gift”, etc.

Add Important Contact Information

Here again, make brevity your friend. Avoid cramming the postcard with all your contact information. Insert the most important information and once your customer engages with your business on one channel you can lead them to other platforms.

Insert Tools to Track Performance

As we said above, one of the most useful uses of postcards as a marketing tool is that you can measure its performance. Add specific discount codes, contact numbers, or other trackers so that you can determine the exact response rate of the postcard campaign.

In a nutshell

The brevity and the power of imagery offered by postcards can be used very effectively for marketing your business. If used correctly, they can beautifully complement digital channels and help you exponentially grow your customer base and retain it. It is important to choose carefully from the various card printing services available, so you can fully reap the benefits of using postcards.

This is where the skilled and dynamic team at Brisbane Print Hub can work its magic for your business. We have decades of experience in postcard printing, business card printing, booklet printing, and other card product printing. Our team of printing experts and talented designers understands the printing needs of the customer, designs the postcards, and edits and gets them approved before the final printing. And all this is done through a single point of contact making it a breeze for our clients. Jump onto the custom card printing bandwagon with our trusted team.

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