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Pros of using Business Card Printing

Pros of Using Business Card Printing Services for Businesses

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Did you know that 27 million business cards get printed on average every day. That number tells us how important the act of exchanging or giving out business cards is even in this age of hyper-digitization. While business card printing is still very popular, many businesses think of doing the printing in-house. In this blog, we tell you why that can defeat the very purpose of business cards and why you should instead engage good printing services in Brisbane.

It is tempting to think that designing and printing business cards in-house may be easier and more cost-effective than hiring custom card printing services. While there may be a few short-term advantages of the DIY route, the many more benefits of engaging a professional printer for printing your business cards in Brisbane make it a far more ideal choice.

Benefits of Hiring Business Card Printing Services

Let us see a few of the advantages you get when you opt for professional printing services in Brisbane.

Benefits of Hiring Business Card Printing Services

Printing Quality

A study conducted by Adobe says 72% of people judge your business based on the quality of your business card. In fact, 39% of the people surveyed said they would choose not to do business with an outfit that gave out cheap-looking cards. So, you will agree that quality is of paramount importance for getting the most out of your business cards.

Professional card printing services can offer you a variety of high-quality printing. They have high-end equipment that can handle different paper stock and thicknesses. The ink used in such printers is also of superior quality than what is used in home and office printers. So, if you go to a good vendor for business card printing in Brisbane, you can be sure of getting professional-looking cards. These will be far more effective in establishing your credibility and trust with customers and clients.

Paper Quality

People are 10 times more likely to hold on to colored and thick business cards than plain, thin ones. Here is where custom card printing services offer a huge plus over DIY. Home and office printers cannot handle different types of paper. Whereas, card printing services give you the choice of thickness of paper, card finish – matte or gloss, colors, and textures. With this range of choices, you can customize your business cards to best reflect your brand personality and values.

In fact, some professional printers can also print cards on material other than paper like metal or plastic. So, if you are looking for something unconventional and eye-catching for your business you could ask your printer for these options too.

Efficiency and Speed

Outsourcing your business card printing in Brisbane will save you a lot of time leaving your team free to focus on the core business. A professional printing setup will have enough printers to handle scale easily. They also have enough backup machines to handle any printer mishaps. Remember that business card printing is a recurring activity in any business. Engaging card printing services that can take care of this repeated activity will save you not only time but also money in the long term. With a professional printer taking care of your card printing needs you can ensure that you are never short of cards at any event, customer meetup, or business meeting.

Design Versatility

There is only so much you can do with a DIY style of card design and printing. Custom card printing services give you a choice of card stock and textures to choose from. But, that’s not all – you also get far more variety of fonts, colors, finishes, and shapes for your cards. You get access to templates that can be customized to align with your brand. This way you don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter style business cards and instead can have cards that allow you to stand out from the crowd. People tend to throw out plain and simple cards easier than they do cards that are creative, colorful, and unique. With an external printing service, you get all this with uniformity and consistency across batches.


With all the above pros offered by printing services, it is best to leave business card printing to professionals. You get the guarantee of high-quality printing along with the assurance of timely delivery. It is also the more cost-effective solution in the long run.

If you are looking for professional printers of business cards in Brisbane, you can blindly opt for Brisbane Print Hub. With our team, you get all the advantages stated above and more. We promise and deliver top-notch printing at budget-friendly rates. Our in-house infrastructure enables us to commit and keep tight time frames. We have over 20 years of experience in business card printing in Brisbane. We take orders for long and short runs making us ideal for all sizes of business. Reach out to us now for free samples.