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Business Card Printing Ideas to Help You Stand Out from Others

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Business cards are often handed out as the first impression on competitors and clients. Like any first impression, if your business cards don’t stand out when you dole out and differentiate your firm from contenders, then people will throw them away.

But, What are your options? How exactly will you design a unique and memorable business card printing online? How can you design your business card so that it leaps to the top of the pile and creates a real impact on your enterprise?

In other words, your personalized business cards are one of the pieces that your customers are most likely to take home with them. They are an excellent place to invest your marketing actions with some identity.

Your cute business card shows a potential client that your think about things outside the box. Business card printing Brisbane care about details and produce high-quality work with an eye-catchy design that saliently displays your brand.

Let us dive in to peek at some business card printing online designs that are sure to help grow your business.

Optimizing your business card

Individual business cards are necessary for any business is the key to being memorable, whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or an owner of a multinational company. Personalized business cards are the best way to ascertain new contact at networking events like expos, trade shows, fairs Etc, to present your brand subtly.

Business cards may be small, but if business card printing services exercise your creativity artistically, showcasing the information within a small space with texture paired with high-quality stock can make all the difference.

Work on the basic design principles

A well-designed business card offers genuineness to your business.

Your business card is a snippet of information about you; it doesn’t have to tell the whole story. An effective way of business card design is to keep it simple, to look pleasant to the eye, and inspire people to learn more by:

  1. Maintain all your critical copies at least 5mm from the trim edge.
  2. Make sure to operate at 300dpi for the best image production.
  3. Ensure to maintain minimum size for your typography to sustain legibility.
  4. Exclusively design in CMYK, except you’re working mainly with spot colours.

Most business card printing services also find it practical to work with a grid to layout business cards to ensure proper alignment.

Try out new and unusual materials

The most cost-cutting personalized business card printing are printed on card stock. Always think outside the box to stand out from competitors by printing on different materials, including plastics, woods, metals and even glass.

Business card printing Australia always remember that your business card needs to be portable and easily fit in a wallet, pocket or briefcase. Creativity in choosing your stock material will stand out from everyday business cards.

Invite eyeballs with unique colours

Utilizing colour combinations that you don’t see every day not only makes for a visually attractive business card but also is memorable and usable.

White isn’t the only option, papers come in various colours, and a subtle brand pattern can be just the trick to strengthen your card to the next level. There are three different colours methods to use when selecting colours for your business card.

  1. Complimentary – Opposite colours on the colour wheel
  2. Analogous – Colours side by side on the colour wheel
  3. Triadic – Combination of three colours equally spaced around the colour wheel

If you choose too far from these colour schemes, which are two spaces apart on the colour wheel, you end up with a weird mishmash of colours that don’t work together.

Add different shapes with a unique twist

Around 90% of the standard business cards are rectangular shapes with sharp and round corners, but for people in a competitive industry, personalized business card printing with custom shapes can be an attention seeker.

Some common Google searches will show you a variety of custom shapes business cards, but business card printing Australia creates and design card with unique shapes that are naturally more inclined to take a second look at the card instead of immediately sticking it into their pocket.

Potential customers are more likely to bring it back home and office to show their friends, family and co-workers.

Business card printing-Australia

Use special finishes to take things to the next dimension

Humans are tactile creatures, so get creative and add texture to your business cards with unique papers and printing techniques that can advance the design.

You can add 3D elements with a raised logo, 3D texture, architectural features or even a card that folds to create a one of a kind business card experience. Show your customers that we stand out with a new and different cutting edge technology.

Dare to be different with logos

Logo is the most potent weapon in your branding arsenal. A unique logo tells your potential customers and clients that you are a specific business; it visually represents who you are, what you’re about, and how you describe the marketplace.

If you want your business card to stick out, why not tackle it first with an eye-catching logo design? Because your logo is the first and foremost forte, people associate with your trademark and the most prominent feature on your business card. It is a great way to set yourself apart from your competitor and showcase who you are.

Turn business cards into a voucher

Another excellent way to get people to preserve your business card without throwing it away is to make it as a voucher/coupon. Use space on the backside for exclusive cardholders, such as giving offers on their bill when displaying the card at the time of service.

Map it out to your social accounts

The back of your business card is an ideal place to use social media as a part of your marketing strategy. So use your business card’s backside for your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn links.

Nowadays, business card printing in Australia use QR codes that people can scan just from their pockets. It is also a terrific method to increase your traffic to your website.

Make business cards useful that serves a purpose

If you are willing to invest, try designing your business cards that serve a higher purpose bigger than self-promotion. Business card printing Brisbane provide some actual value when you hand out your card. Functional business cards act as a function to another object. A fantastic way to protrude from the pack

If you’re launching a beauty brand, a free nail file is an excellent option for a functional business card. Or, if you own a beer company, a bottle opener business card makes sense. Before sending your artwork off to the business card printing services, make sure you’ve double-checked every single detail.

At Brisbane print hub, we have experts who can help guide you through the top-notch design process and help you find the best cost-effective business card. Get personalized business card printing that shows off just how much you have to offer. Please don’t pause to contact our friendly team to develop your ideal design.

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