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Guide for Printing Invitation Cards

Complete Guide for Printing Invitation Cards in Brisbane

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People now and then keep coming across things that call for a formal invitation. Sometimes the event is so unique and special that you require an ideal invitation for the function.

It is particularly true when you want to leave a lasting impression on all of your guests about how important the occasion is. And if you want to show that it is not an ordinary function, you may need a uniquely designed invitation card.

To help you with Custom Invitation card printing that can make a mark on its own, here are the things you should know about printing invitation cards:

Things to consider for printing invitation cards

Printing Invitation Cards

Calculate the cost

The cost of ink and paper is higher when printing, particularly if you go for premium paper material or highly saturated inks. The size of the invitation, the type of paper that will be used, and whether they will be folded or flat should all be taken into consideration.

Paper features

You probably already know that there are numerous colours, designs, thicknesses, weights, and sizes of paper available. As the name implies, invitation cards need a piece of paper that is thick and in the cardstock weight range. 

The range for cardstock is 220 GSM to 400 GSM, with higher GSM, theheavier and thicker the paper is. You can also look through different card stock colours and textures until you find one that you like. Your invitation cards will have an added beauty if you use paper with an elegant, tactile texture, such as linen paper or cotton fibre paper.

Discover the ideal fit

You want your invitations to look great. The secret is to have a design that extends to the paper’s edge without any white margins. A design that is slightly larger than the final cut size is used to create this type of effect, known as a complete bleed.

The excess will be removed and thrown away. A 5×7-inch standard invitation design, for instance, would actually be 5.25×7.25 inches. An eighth of an inch will be removed from each side to guarantee it reaches the edge. It is normally used in Printing services in Brisbane.

The best course of action is to centre the design on larger paper, which will give you room for margins and enough area to trim carefully. 


Both coated and uncoated paper has some very clear benefits and drawbacks. You must first choose a suitable paper type, finish, and whether you prefer a coated or uncoated version of the same paper.

Choose coated paper cardstock if you want your invitation cards to have sharp graphics and a sparkling appearance, as well as everything else printed on them. However, you must use uncoated cardstock paper, such as linen finish paper, if you want to receive soft-edged printing. 

Don’t overcrowd your card

It is crucial to avoid cramming the design components on the invitations, and Cards Printing Brisbane knows well about it. Negative space, a fundamental principle of design, enables the viewers to absorb all the details of the invitation without feeling overloaded.  

Never be afraid of leaving white space between paragraphs or images. Always allow enough space between event information when using typography. Avoid piling text on top of text or fitting too much type into a small space. It is because reading text that is tightly condensed might be difficult. With an original paint or watercolour texture, let the design speak for itself.


For your invitation cards, you don’t necessarily need to choose the heaviest and thickest cards. Even if you do need heavy paper, there is no need to go overboard and buy expensive cardstock when you can find perfectly acceptable invitation cards.

If you want to print a few invitations for a private party, you should thoroughly examine your printer’s characteristics. It will help you understand the paperweights it can handle.

Colour theory and visual style

One of the most crucial elements of design is colour theory, which dictates how various colours are used to produce a certain mood or feeling. Don’t apply one colour at random. With correct intention about colour, your design will look a lot better.

Most invites look to or draw inspiration from specific visual trends. The colour scheme, pictures, and text of the card are all impacted by these design elements.

There are many different options you can take when choosing the proper style for your invitation, which may at first be confusing. To assist you in deciding which styles are most appropriate for your event, get help from Invitation printing services.

Align text to the centre and make sure details are legible

In any design, proper type alignment is crucial. Short sentences should be placed in the design’s centre because most invites don’t have lengthy paragraphs. You can use an image fill to change any part of your invitation, just as you like.

An invitation consists of more than just its appearance. Keep in mind that the invitation is being made in the first place to inform others of a significant event as you go through the design process.

Make sure you select a sizeable font for location and dates to keep all information legible. Watch out for hard-to-read font styles like loopy script or highly condensed typefaces. Print black ink on a light background, or vice versa, to make the words stand out from the background.

Bottom line

Brisbane Print Hub has been in Invitation card printing Brisbane for more than 20 years. As the today’s business environment is continuously changing, we are constantly improving our service. We continue to place a strong emphasis on first-rate customer service and superior goods.

Business stationery, booklets and brochures and marketing printing are just a few examples of the wide variety of products we can print. We maintain affordable costs without compromising quality. Our love of print makes us eager to assist you with any printing or design inquiry you may have.