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Bring Printed Menus Back

It’s Time to Bring Printed Menus Back: Here’s Why

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Amongst the many activities that we resumed in the post-pandemic world, dining out would surely rank very high in popularity. Dining at a restaurant is an experience in which all our senses are heightened and engaged. There are so many rituals that form a part of a gastronomic outing and one of them is holding a printed menu in hand and perusing it. While we all appreciated the need for QR code menus during the pandemic, we also miss the sheer joy of browsing printed menus.

So, if you are a restaurant owner and are contemplating opting for custom menu printing, then we say go for it. If you are still on the fence, read this blog and see if these reasons resonate with you.

Printed Menus vs. QR Code Menus

Despite everything turning digital why are restaurants rapidly reverting to printed menus? These reasons could explain this reversal.

  • QR code menus require the customer to scan the code and visit the site on their mobile phone to see the menu. There are a few cellphone models which do not possess the functionality needed for scanning QR codes. Having only an online menu can be an alienating experience for such customers.
  • Slow internet or technical issues with the network can make the whole experience of browsing an online menu extremely frustrating. There are no such restrictions with printed menus.
  • There is an immediacy to printed menus that cannot be matched by QR code menus. Handing over a printed menu to customers as soon as they are seated is an integral part of the service provided by the restaurant.
  • Even the phone models with big screens can offer only so much viewing space and are no match for the convenience of viewing that a printed menu offers. You can view so much more at a glance when reading off a printed menu versus all the scrolling one needs to do while reading off a screen.
  • Printed menus promote a lot more engagement and interaction amongst a group than QR code menus do. Being on a phone increases the chances of the customer being distracted by notifications and getting sucked into the online world.
  • Another reason why restaurants are choosing promotional menu printing is for the real estate provided by a printed menu to showcase your restaurant. Browsing an online menu can be a more transactional activity whereas on a printed menu you can be creative and take the customer through the story and ethos of your restaurant. This makes for great promotion of your establishment.

While online menus were great alternatives during the pandemic, the tactile joy of physical menus is driving restaurants to go back to opting for custom menu printing. Now that you are convinced about printed menus let’s go to the next step – designing the menu.

Printed Menus vs QR Code Menus

Things to Keep in Mind Before Going in for Custom Menu Printing

If you are going back to keeping printed menus in your restaurant, this is the right time to discard your old ones and redesign the menu to reflect the personality of your establishment. You can choose any printing company in Brisbane that can help you with custom menu printing. We give you a few useful pointers to keep in mind before you go in for redesigning:

  • Menu type – Decide on the kind of menu you want for your restaurant. Here, it is important to delve into a few points: the type of restaurant you are running, the setting and surroundings, the target group, whether it is formal or informal, etc. For instance, menu holders are a great option for informal cafes while bound menus can complement the elegance of a formal set-up.
  • Paper type – Remember that a customer’s initial judgement of your restaurant will have a lot to do with the menu. Choose the paper type wisely keeping the balance between cost and quality. Glossy and matte paper both have their charm. You can even display your love for the environment by going for recycled paper. Adding UV coating on the paper will protect it from spills and make the menus easy to maintain.
  • Size and Fold – This will depend on how many items the restaurant wants to list on the menu. You should keep in mind that the menu should not be too bulky but also that the font should not be too small. The size will also determine the kind of binding you opt for such as Plaza, Riviera, and Lexington are some of the binding types you can choose for your menu.
  • Images – Adding graphic elements to the menu enhances the sensory experience. Instagram is proof that good pictures of food are a great way of whetting the appetite! You can also use spot UV to highlight certain portions of the menu.
  • Content Text – Any good design will fall flat on its face if there are typos or inaccurate names and descriptions in the menu. Before you send off your design to a printing company, be sure to proofread the listings.

May I Have the Menu, please?

Yes, you may! Printed menus are back, and you are ready to take the plunge to get custom menu printing done. It is important to go to a trusted and experienced printing company in Brisbane. We, at Brisbane Print Hub, understand the importance of a good, printed menu for your establishment and we have the experience to back this up with creative and technological expertise. We cover the whole range from basic menus for disposable use to high-end menus printed on specialty paper. Our team will understand your needs and deliver the best printed menus for your eateries.

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