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Best Printed Promotional Products

The Best Printed Marketing Promotional Products for Your Company

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If you unexpectedly receive a gift from someone, chances are high that when a suitable occasion presents itself, you will be far more inclined to gift something to that person too. This same psychology is behind the much higher probability of a customer ordering or re-ordering an advertiser’s product from whom they have received a free gift. With the intense competition for acquiring customers and retaining them, businesses have to look at cost-effective ways to promote their brand, and printed promotional products answer this requirement very well.

If you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon to leverage the power of promotional products, read on to find out what you are missing.

Why Should I Use Promotional Gifts as a Marketing Strategy?

The simple idea at work here is that we all love to receive gifts. But how does this translate into a great marketing tool for your business? Let us explore a few ways.

  • Brand recall – According to a study by Identity Works, 71% of tradeshow attendees remembered the name of the company that gave them a promotional gift. This rate of recall is far higher than for many other avenues of marketing. The feeling of positivity associated with receiving a gift helps make the connection in the memory. Another study shows that most people keep promotional gifts for an average of 8 months. This means that for at least this period of time the customer is seeing and using a product with your branding. This in most cases leads to the customer trying out your brand at least once.
  • Cost-effectiveness – The promotional gift printing itself will not cost you much, especially if you go in for large numbers. But what makes promotional gifts even better in terms of return on investment is the cost per impression or CPI. Your customer’s friends, family, and colleagues will also see the product with your brand and logo on it and your brand will get expanding visibility at no extra cost to you! In fact, 63% of the people surveyed in a study in the US said they are likely to pass on promotional gifts to other people after being done with them. This further boosts the impressions that your brand gets through these gifts.
  • Relationship with the customers – The tangible gift in a customer’s hand sends a subtle message to them that your business cares about them. The positive intent behind giving them a product that they can use and enjoy is conveyed and also reiterated each time they use the gift item. You can take this communication further through the nature of the gift. For example, opting for a sustainable product for marketing tells your customer that you are responsible and you care for the environment as they do. This fosters brand loyalty with your customers.
  • The morale of employees – Another less-talked-about but equally important use of printed promotional products is with your employees. The pride with which an employee uses a company branded product not only motivates your workforce but also makes them all walking brand ambassadors to show what your business stands for.

Promotional Gifts

How to Choose the Best Printed Promotional Products to Promote my Brand?

Now that you have read about the ways promotional gifts can unlock the growth of your business, you must be ready to place the order for promotional products printing. There are several printing services in Brisbane but before you go ahead, it is important to carefully choose the product best suited to promote your brand.

  • Alignment with your brand – Choose a product that speaks for your brand. Consider the larger message you want to send to your target group. For example, if you are a kids’ clothing brand a printed DIY project would make for a great gift wherein you are helping parents engage their kids productively. This conveys to your customer that you care deeper than just them buying clothes from you.
  • Usefulness – The usefulness of a gift is a top criterion with customers for liking and keeping it. Regular-use items like mugs, USB sticks, calendars, etc. get retained and used by customers which ensures that your brand stays on their radar. Associating the gift with your products is a great way of achieving this goal. For example, if yours is a cosmetic brand then offering a free branded cosmetic bag with purchases over a certain value would be a fantastic way to establish a lasting connection with your customer.
  • Combination with other engagements – Other than giving away promotional gifts at events or with the sale of your products, you can look at other innovative ways to use printed products. You can have a contest in which you get your potential and existing customers to create a design or caption for your branded product. This gives them a free gift with your logo but also something with their creation on it, increasing the value of the gift for them.
  • Unique, creative – With many brands opting for promotional gifts printing, you need to be creative for your marketing product to stand out. It needs to be useful but also eye-catching. This will help your brand live longer in the customer’s memory and will also help drive more conversation around your brand. Whether you are looking at unique design printing or just logo printing, Brisbane has many vendors to choose from.
  • Quality – This should be a paramount consideration when going in for promotional products printing. If the quality of the product is poor then the marketing strategy can backfire heavily on your business. So, when you are choosing printing services in Brisbane make sure to look into their past work and track record to avoid nasty surprises.

In a nutshell

Promotional gifts are a proven, cost-effective tool for marketing your brand. It is relatively easy to execute and fetches your brand more eyeballs for longer periods than most other strategies. But before choosing one from the many printing services in Brisbane, you need to be sure that they can deliver.

Brisbane Print Hub has a track record of exemplary work in printing for over 20 years. Our talented team of technicians and creative designers will help you with promotional products printing from design to delivery. With our state-of-the-art printing equipment, you can be assured of top quality in our work. Our customer-oriented focus pushes us to understand the needs of your business and deliver quality promotional gifts printing on time. Don’t just take our word for it, Call Now for a free demo!

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