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Tips for Creating Vinyl Banners for Your Business

Tips for Creating Attractive Vinyl Banners for Your Business

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The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a banner is advertising signs. If you look at what banners are all about, they have a broader definition that involves conveying messages. They are used to market, inform and even amuse. This is why marketing companies use them as display boards across different industries.

These banners and posters have been effective advertising strategies for businesses. Companies have invested in coming up with new printing materials to keep up with the demands for advertising on banners. One of the most popular choices available for businesses these days is vinyl banner printing. Vinyl banners can be used to spread the word about your latest product launch, apartments for rent, retail store opening, restaurant, and more! Here’s why you should consider using vinyl banners for your next marketing campaign.

Why Vinyl Banners?

If you are looking at options for banner printing in Brisbane, we list down a few plus points of going for vinyl banners so you can make the right choice for your purpose and brand. There are other materials like canvas, fabric, etc. that are also available for custom banner printing. But there are certain advantages associated with vinyl banners that make them a very popular choice. Let us look at a few of them:

  • Vinyl banners are light but long-lasting. They are fade- and tear-resistant. If you are getting custom banner printing on vinyl for a general advertising purpose, you can reuse the banner multiple times. You can clean the banner using mild soap and water, dry it thoroughly and store it. You can use it the following time without worrying about it having faded or torn.
  • Vinyl banner printing is an affordable option. The reasonable costs offered by outfits providing printing services in Brisbane combined with the durability of vinyl make it a very attractive option for businesses especially, start-ups.
  • When you opt for vinyl, you get versatility. You can opt for vinyl banners that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use depending on your purpose. Vinyl banners are made in 10,13 or 14 oz. depending on the usage. You can also opt for mesh vinyl which flaps less in the wind and also lasts longer.
  • Vinyl banners are weather-resistant. So, you can leave them up outdoors without having to worry about rain, wind, or bright sunshine.
  • Custom banner printing on vinyl gives a very vibrant look. The colors look true and beautiful on vinyl banners and with high-resolution source files, you can get vinyl banners printed that are clear from near or far.

If you are convinced that vinyl banners are the optimal choice for you then you have the option of several vendors for vinyl banner printing in Brisbane. But before that, there are a few tips to keep in mind to get the most out of your vinyl banner for your business.

Vinyl Banners for your Business

Tips for Creating Attractive Vinyl Banners

Before you design a creative for custom banner printing, here are a few tips that will help you maximize the benefits you get from vinyl banner printing.

  • Keep the communication about your product or service very clear on the banner. Give careful consideration to the placement of the business logo, information regarding the product, and the target group that the banner is aimed at. Keeping these factors in mind get as creative as you can and make sure the banner speaks in the voice of the business.
  • We all know that a picture can speak a thousand words. It is also true that people mostly look at the picture before reading the words. So, it makes sense to use interesting photos and graphics on your banner to make it eye-catching. And since vinyl banner printing brings out the vibrancy of colors and graphics you can give full rein to your creativity.
  • Think about the typography size and hierarchy. Your most prominent message should be in the largest font with the ancillary messages in smaller-sized fonts. Give due thought to the color of the font too. It is important not to clutter the banner with too much text.
  • Leave margins for hems and grommets. Hems on vinyl banners give them added strength and increase their life while grommets aid in the banners being hung without being damaged.
  • Keep the potential surroundings of the banner in mind while designing it. Will it be displayed on a bare fence or in the woods or in an exhibition hall? This will help you determine the content and colors that go into the banner.
  • Choose appropriate colors for the design and font for the vinyl banner printing. Colors play a very subtle but important role in how we perceive content. As broad examples, we associate red with speed/ passion/ excitement, green with health, environment, etc., and purple with luxury and royalty. So, be creative with colors and make them a part of the message of the banner.
  • Last, but surely not least, it is very effective to add a Call to Action (CTA) in the vinyl banner. This adds an element of action to a passive banner and augments the messaging of the banner. Adding something like “Avail our offers” or “Visit our stall” can drive more customers to your product.


Vinyl banner printing is an affordable and effective way to advertise your product or service. It is a versatile medium and its effectiveness can be optimized with creative and smart design. We, at Brisbane Print Hub, are a leading vendor for printing services in Brisbane and provide consultation and services tailored to your business needs. Our team of experts includes talented graphic designers who can help you create attractive custom banners to suit your advertising strategy.

Call us today to explore the variety of options available for banner printing and we will help you choose the best for your business.

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