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Outdoor Banner Signs

Top factors to consider while selecting the Right Printed Outdoor Banner Signs

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Outdoor Banner Signs are a perfect way to market your business and get noticed. They are usually made from durable materials such as plastic or metal and can be used indoors or outdoors. You need to ensure that your new sign will effectively get the message out and look great at the same time. You should also ensure that the banner has an excellent design to catch people’s attention and make them want to take action.

First, let’s get to the definition of Outdoor banner signs.

What are outdoor banner signs?

Outdoor banner signs are sheets containing information or design representing an entity. Large outdoor banners are a common sight around the city and are very effective in communicating concise information to a large cross-section of people with minimal effort. The most common use of outdoor banners is for business promotion, but they can also be used to announce events and important community messages.

Advantages of using outdoor banner signs

Outdoor advertising by businesses has been around for more than a hundred years and is still a prevalent means of promotion. Let us see a few reasons why this is so.

Affordable: It is a relatively cheaper mode of promotion. All you need to do is design a creative and clever visual to represent your business and have it printed in high resolution. When it comes to banner printing, Brisbane has many options to offer at reasonable rates. Then, you need to book a good spot with optimal visibility for your purpose and display your banner.

Less Time: You can get your outdoor sign printing done and displayed in no time. This saves you a lot of time and helps you be agile in promoting new channels and products. And again, when it comes to working with outdoor signage, Brisbane has many efficient options to choose from.

 Instant Reach: It is the fastest way to connect with your local base. Say you are setting up a new business or are increasing your target group to wider demography, outdoor banner signs give you instant reach.

Outdoor banners are durable: Outdoor signage printing is very sophisticated and offers a range of options of materials that are all hard and can withstand harsh sun, wind, and rain. They last for a good 5-6 years, giving you a good return on your investment.

Reusability: Some of these banners are suitable for repeated use too. These could be the tie-up banners or the roll-up ones. You can have standard ones printed with the common message of your business and easily reuse them at different events and locations.

Outdoor Signage Brisbane

Important factors to be kept in mind while choosing outdoor banner signs

Now that you have seen the advantages of using outdoor signage printing, there are a few things to be considered for selecting outdoor banner signs:

 Size of the banner: This will depend on your budget, the purpose of using the banner, and your target group. You could opt for a large outdoor banner on a billboard, a smaller banner on a building wall, or even flag banners on light poles. There may be a spot that seems minor to you but is frequented by your target audience and thus proves to be the ideal choice for your business banner.

Colors: A crucial factor in our visual perception is color. The background color of the banner, the color and size of the font, and the colors used in the design must be in harmony with each other and with the background against which the banner will be displayed. Also, using too many colors can lead to overkill and cause eyes to be averted rather than drawn to the banner.

Style: Sometimes, a banner can be very confusing about whom it’s trying to communicate. The style used in the banner should be determined by the demography you are looking to attract. For example, if your product is for senior citizens, you will use a bigger font, fewer colors, and more straightforward messaging. Also, remember banners are seen and read by people on the go; hence, it’s best not to cram them with text.

Site of display: You can choose several creative options for displaying your banners. Your type of business would govern the choice, the specific aim of promotion, target group, and cost constraints.

  • Billboards – These can be the huge ones at prime locations or the smaller ones in your neighbourhood. Either way, they are a fantastic way to convey your brand’s message to your audience.
  • Vehicles – These are becoming increasingly popular because they can carry your business message across the city. These can be on buses, taxis, service vehicles, and even subway trains.
  • Shop frontage This is the most prominent piece of the area you would like to use optimally to attract customers using outdoor banners. High-quality, creative printing can go a long way in increasing the footfall to your place of business.
  • Events and exhibitions – You can display your business signages at an event you are sponsoring or participating in. Archways, fences, and stall frontages are a few spots such events offer for business promotion.

Material: Other than the choice of how to display your signages, you also have an array of materials to choose from.

  • Vinyl banners These are the most durable ones and can be used in indoor and outdoor set-ups. They don’t tear easily, but they must be handled with care as they can crease if not stored properly.
  • Fabric banners These could be in polyester or satin and give a striking, glossy look. They are easy to handle and do not crease. However, they are best suited to locations that are not open to the sun and rain.
  • Mesh banners This type of banner is increasingly becoming popular, especially for large outdoor banners. These could be used as fences, for building wraps, storefronts, etc. They are very hardy and allow light and wind, making them an excellent choice for many outdoor spaces.

Wrapping up!!

Whether you’re looking to advertise your store, business, or organization, outdoor banner signs from Brisbane Print Hub are the way to go. They’re affordable and available in a wide range of sizes and styles.

So, get creative with your business message on an outdoor banner. And the next time you drive past it, it will be with the satisfaction of your money being well spent.

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