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Most Common Types of Outdoor Vinyl Signs

What are the Most Common Types of Outdoor Vinyl Signs

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A smartly placed vinyl sign, to this date, is considered to be one of the most effective forms of advertising, given the sky-high customer conversion rate. Be it small businesses or enterprises, advertising through outdoor vinyl signs is your way forward, especially if the return on investment is considered. The best thing about this day and age is the instant validation that is available through social media. The likelihood of your outdoor vinyl sign exceeding your expectations and surprising you with the results is relatively high.

The design and creativity is unlimited when it comes to vinyl signs. You can hire a bunch of copywriters and graphic designers into your advertising team and watch the magic happen as they brainstorm, to come up with unique ways to grab the attention of the general public.

These vinyl signs can be seen in almost every part of your city ranging from grocery stores, sale/offer banners, retail stores, sports events and trade shows. This blog outlines the different Types of Signage for outdoor advertising, materials used and types of suspension.

Different types of print styles for outdoor vinyl

Digital Inkjet Printing

The most universally used type of Vinyl Signage Printing, uses large-format inkjet printers and extremely durable pigments. These signs can effortlessly withstand natural weather conditions including rain and snow. While the pigments used for this come in a variety of forms, most of them are biodegradable in nature and don’t contain any volatile organic compound. The Inkjet printers these days can produce photo-quality images very inexpensively, which is exactly why most (if not all) of Vinyl Signage Printing these days is done using this method.

Screen Printing

Another popular method used in Outdoor signs printing is the screen printing which involves the manual application of ink to the vinyl in order to create the letters and graphics. The colours on screen printed banners appear to be more vibrant and stand out during the initial stages due to the use of stencils. This method also produces results that are quite durable to wear and tear and resists harsh weather conditions. Screen printing can be easier on your pocket if you require banners in large quantities.

Hand Printing

The most primitive style of printing is through hand, where the vinyl is used as a canvas due to its easily portable nature. This method involves hiring a professional painter to manually design the banner which is comparatively time-consuming. Moreover, hand-printed banners are not rugged enough to withstand the harsh outdoor natural conditions for more than a certain duration. It is best to avoid this type of Vinyl Signage Printing unless your requirements are indoor based and require a highly personalized touch of a hand.

Different types of print styles for outdoor vinyl

Materials Used for Vinyl Signage Printing

Inkjet grade vinyl

This is the most sophisticated type of material that contains minimal dot gain for a precise inkjet head. It is versatile enough to be suitable for almost all types of inkjets available in the shops. The stiffer hand of this vinyl prevents it from rolling and getting damaged due to the heat produced during the printing process. It is always recommended to go for high-quality inkjet vinyl instead of screen-grade counterparts to ensure a rich and luscious texture quality.

Screen grade vinyl

Made most commonly out of PVC, screen-grade vinyl has a lot of varieties suitable for different printing processes. It is crucial to choose the right type to ensure high-quality results. The high dot gain on screen-printing vinyl helps it absorb the ink evenly and completely. However, screen grade Vinyl are not curl-free and are not recommended for rollers as they curl out right after printing.

Method of Suspension for Outdoor Vinyls


Pulling vinyl banners over billboard frames is the easiest way to produce outdoor advertisements of large proportions. In case you choose to display your advertisement on a billboard, ensure that your vinyl is extremely high quality and durable enough to withstand the stretching and wilting that comes with the mounting process.


This type requires adhesive vinyl stickers to be placed on rigid substrates in order to create free-standing signage. They are popular especially for lawn advertising and political campaigns. Depending on your budget and other requirements, the hardback method might just be the right way to go.


The Lightpost method involves hanging the banner taut between metal rods using two pockets on the top and bottom of the vinyl. This type of banner is usually printed on both sides. This means it would require high-quality double-sided vinyl or two pieces of single-sided vinyl. These types of banners are usually used on main roads in cities and campuses. Very durable in nature, they are popular because of the big impression that they are able to make in spite of being small in size. They also usually feature UV-curable ink.


This is the simplest way to display your vinyl. Post completion of the printing process, you need to get the banner hemmed along the edges and affix grommets or pole pockets depending on your requirements. You can then hang it like a flag using a pole in case it’s for a ceremony function, or hang it on buildings or other free-standing structures to get your message displayed. Keep in mind that the type of vinyl used for these banners is comparatively delicate in nature and may get damaged if excessively stressed in any way.

Best Outdoor Signage Printing in Brisbane

Vinyl-signs can be the most cost-effective way to get your message across to your target audience. Initially, it’s important to clearly define the purpose and the type of target audience for the advertisement that you plan on putting up, based on which you will be able to determine the perfect type. Once your needs are established, you can head over to Brisbane Print Hub, experts in Outdoor Signage Printing in Brisbane and the topmost preference of Australia’s leading corporates.

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